More Google Street View coverage from China!

The Google Street View team recently sent its cameras into a few major tourist spots in China to get a 360-degree view of the scenery for this year’s Lantern Festival. This year, Google added three fresh sites in Shandong Province and Hong Kong.

 Tai’erzhuang in Shandong

West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre in Hong Kong. 

 Zhoucun Main Street, also in Shandong

Google adds 160 scenic spots in Taiwan to Street View!

Google Inc. announced Monday that it has added more 360-degree images of Taiwan’s scenic spots to Street View, the panoramic image viewer featured on Google Maps, as a travel reference ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. The U.S.-based search engine took pictures of 160 scenic places in Taiwan over the past half year — the largest single upgrade since the local project was launched in August 2009.  Read more here